Things on my wishlist

high waisted jeans with open knee
a co-ord
denim playsuit
basic grey monki tee
black underground creepers
brown leather vintage purse
short necklaces
turqoise ring

Spring Inspiration

Spring Inspiration
I honestly have to say that I’m lacking inspiration for my outfit posts at the moment. So I figured, why not inspire myself a little on Polyvore. The weather is getting better so I’m getting pretty excited for spring and summer. So here’s my spring inspiration! I still love denim high waisted shorts, Vans and Toms. I’m actually finally getting Toms! I’ve wanted one of those moon cycle shirts for ages, but can’t find one anywhere.. gonna keep looking though.
Hope you liked my post!
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xx Jindi

Gwen Stefani for OPI

Gwen Stefani for OPI
This is something that I recently stumbled upon while shopping with a friend. The Gwen Stefani OPI collection. Wow. those colours are just gorgeous. BUT the reason I’m so excited is this one specific nail polish, which is the matte black one. I’ve been looking for one like that for YEARS. Gosh. The gold one is also matte and I truly love it. They weren’t even that expensive, but at the time I didn’t have the money for it at all. So these are still on my wishlist. So perfect! I love OPI!

Two Marc Jacobs items I really want, but can’t have

Two Marc Jacobs items I really want
The most expensive brands aren’t always my favorites but I have to admit that I really love Marc Jacobs. I’ve loved the Daisy perfume for years but recently tried this one again when I was shopping and oh god, it’s sooo good. I love that it’s called “Eau So Fresh”, it just smells -oh so fresh- and lovely.  I’m also not a person that EVER wears a watch, mostly because I just don’t own a pretty one. Believe me, if I had this gorgeous Marc Jacobs watch, I sure as hell would wear it every day. It’s so classy and pretty. Unfortunately I have to place these two items in the “I can’t afford this” category. I’m gonna have to save up some money if I really want to have these or someone has to love me a lot to get me them! Putting these on my wishlist.
Love, Jindi

Mid Winter Inspiration

Mid Winter Inspiration
A little winter inspiration of mine on Polyvore! I really want/need all of this!
– Eat a lot, sleep a lot sweater
– High waisted jeans
– A simple grey shirt
– Black brogues
– Gold rings