Just a little impression of my new home!

IMG_1068Did you miss me? (Trying to sound like Alison from Pretty Little Liars) Things have been awfully quiet around my blog lately, I know. I feel really bad about not posting anything and I apologize!

I’ve moved to a new place and I’ve been incredibly busy with school and I honestly have to say that I forgot about blogging for a bit.. but also just didn’t have time to do a shoot.

Well, now I’m back! And I’m gonna start with a little impression of my new home/room. I moved out and now share a cute little apartment with one roommate. She actually got me these flowers as a welcome gift, so sweet!


 This is where I love to sit in the morning. Well, at least when I don’t have to rush off to the train to get to school.. I’ve already had a few lovely sunny mornings here where I could relax and enjoy my view a little.


My view!


My cute little plants! LOVE.

DSC_0020The wardrobe has also found its new place!


I’ve always wanted to make some kind of photo wall in my room and this was the perfect opportunity.


Decorated the back of my book shelves with pictures! I’m in love with it! This is what I see from my bed so I can dream away a little with all the beautiful images.

Hope you enjoyed this post and like my new room! Also, soon there will be new outfits up on my blog, so stay tuned!

Love, Jindi