NEW YORK | Day 17 | Walking Around The Neighborhood and Flying

IMG_4600IMG_4594On my last morning I took a walk around the neighborhood of the homestel I was staying. I hadn’t really done that yet and I’m glad I did, because it was so lovely! I sat down at a little coffee cafe and had a nice brownie. All of this was so emotional for me. I didn’t want to go home at all.. I was incredibly sad I had to leave this city.IMG_4595The sadness is in my eyes lolIMG_4598IMG_4601 IMG_4604Just before I went back to the homestel to go get all my stuff I visited the coffee bar across the street. It was so nice! I had a little read and a vanilla chai latte and enjoyed life. I realized all too well how much I would miss this. I was reading Looking For Alaska by John Green, if you were wondering. DSC_0744 DSC_0745A few pictures of the living room in the homestel to give you a little impression. I really loved it there, it was so nice and not at all a problem to share it with so many people. It was a very nice place and I definitely recommend it.DSC_0746 IMG_4609Leaving from JFK.IMG_4613You can see Manhattan in the distance if you look closely. Such a lovely sight.IMG_4619 IMG_4627Pretty clouds! I will literally never get tired of looking out of an airplane window.. It’s so fascinating.IMG_4631Ice flakes on the window!

IMG_4567So that’s it for my New York posts! This was the last one. I really loved writing them and remembering all my amazing moments from last summer. Now on to the next adventure!



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