NEW YORK | Day 16 | Last Day, Saying Goodbye To NY

DSC_0613IMG_4525Day 16, my last day and night in New York City.IMG_4531 IMG_4532Decided to pay a last little visit to Victoria’s Secret, such a beautiful store. Unfortunately I’d spent so much money at this point that I couldn’t really afford anything anymore, so all I did was buy a little gift for my bestie :)IMG_4533I love the VS angels.. they are sooo gorgeous.IMG_4543Last visit to Bryant Park, I love this park, I think it’s my second favorite after Washington Square Park. I also went inside the Public Library, apparently I had gone inside the wrong building when I tried to go see it before, so now I finally found the right one. It was very beautiful inside, but I didn’t take any good pictures.IMG_4557Grand Central Station. I went inside here, but I gave up soon because I was just too exhausted. NY definitely makes you tired.DSC_0608I decided that on my last night I wanted to visit the Brooklyn Bridge again and my friend Pierre came with me. It was so lovely and I’m really happy with these photos!DSC_0611DSC_0712 DSC_0725New York, I fell in love with you and I can’t wait to see you again. I must go back. One more post is coming about my last morning in NY and flying back home. Then it’s really finished! It took me a long time to write about all this, but I really enjoyed it and I hope you did too!


    1. Hoi! super bedankt, echt leuk! :) ik ga ze zo snel mogelijk beantwoorden en op mijn blog plaatsen, is het ook goed als ik dat in het engels doe? Ik laat het je weten als ze erop staan :) xxx Jindi

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