Lately on Instagram

lately on instagram 2Here we are! Another “Lately on Instagram”. Let’s go!

1. So a while ago I rearranged my room a bit and found my old tea box with jewelry in it. It had been tucked away in a closet for a long time and I kind of forgot I had it, but how cute does it look on my window sill! I also went to Ikea and got some really cute new plants. These tiny cactuses are literally the best thing ever and they came with the cutest little white pots. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I also bought a new vanilla candle, that’s an Ikea tradition of mine… must always have the vanilla candle. And I bought the big glass jar for my muesli. Very happy with all this!

2. Some very tasty breakfast. My habit lately has become to use frozen fruit in my breakfast, because fruit in the winter is just ridiculously expensive and these boxes of frozen fruit last longer then fresh fruit and they still taste amazing. All I do is take some of it out of the freezer the night before and put it in the fridge to unfreeze so they will be good to eat in the morning.

3. Sissi’s palace in Vienna. A few weeks ago I went to Vienna with three other girls from my school and one teacher. We had won the trip last year, because we earned the most certificates with school projects. (very proud!) Vienna was absolutely beautiful and an amazing city. I will write a whole post about it soon, or maybe I’ll make a travel diary of those four days too!

4. An awesome store in Vienna called “Kauf Dich Glücklich” , which means “buy yourself happy” in a rough translation, haha. I loved everything in there and will also post more pics from there in an upcoming post! Lots of black and white, rose gold and geometrics. LOVE IT.

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xxx Jindi

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