NEW YORK | Day 15 | Lots of Sweets and Creativity


Amazing cupcakes at the Chelsea Market

IMG_4476Absolutely love this top.. I think it’s the cutest thing ever!IMG_4478 IMG_4477Even more cupcakes.. they look so delicious.IMG_4479I had the red velvet one with cheesecake topping. AH MA ZING. Just wow. SO good.IMG_4482After those cupcakes I went to the Chelsea Market. This is not an actual market, but a lot of different food shops inside a building. It was amazing! A part of it was called the artist flea market I think. That’s where a lot of creative people sell their handmade stuff. So nice!IMG_4483 IMG_4484Really loved all these designs, but a bit expensive. Sadly at the time I’d spent so much money that I really couldn’t afford to buy anything anymore.IMG_4486 IMG_4487How cool are all these subway maps..IMG_4490 IMG_4488 IMG_4493These little bags were all way too accurate! Literally every single one of them is so true! I really wanted one, but as I said I didn’t have any money and even if I had I don’t think I could’ve made a choice.IMG_4495How cute are these little plants growing out of trees? Loved this.IMG_4498Amazing candles at my favorite store Anthropologie. They smelled amazing and the packaging is just beautiful. I really wish I’d bought one of these..IMG_4502Beautiful streets in Chelsea. I can definitely say that Chelsea is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Manhattan. Very creative and hip and lovely. I would call it the Williamsburg of Manhattan, if that makes any sense.IMG_4500 IMG_4506I really loved that day and enjoyed walking around a lot. I remember having to walk as much as I could, because I didn’t have my unlimited subway card anymore so I couldn’t travel everywhere.IMG_4509Some more deliciousness at Starbucks..IMG_4511My last time in Washington Square Park.. possibly my favorite place in Manhattan. I remember almost bursting out into tears when I walked out of there to the subway. SO sad! I was so touched by how much at home I felt and how lovely the vibe was there.. I just felt so incredibly happy and free the whole time I was in NY.. I still miss it a lot.IMG_4513Finally had made myself a decent healthy dinner that night. Avocado, tomatoes, black beans, tortilla chips and a bit of grained cheese. LOVE.IMG_4516Enjoyed the view from the roof that afternoon, so lovely.IMG_4518 IMG_4520Reading on the roof is one of my favorite memories from my time in NY. Such a feeling of complete freedom and carefreeness. No worries about anything.. just enjoying life and the sun.

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  1. My godddddd, THOSE CUPCAKES! So many delicious desserts, I don’t think I could resist them haha. Those printed bags are super cute too :)

    Hannah x | hannatalks

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