NEW YORK | Day 14 Part 2 | Top of the Rock

DSC_0435On one of my last days in NY I went to “Top of the Rock”, the top of Rockefeller Center. It was amazing. I with with a friend from the homestel, Pierre. We stayed up there for about three hours I think. It was so beautiful, to first see it in the light and then slowly it got dark and all the little lights turned on. It was magical. DSC_0420

IMG_4392DSC_0441Beautiful city… I miss you NY!DSC_0447Do I look happy? Do I? Do I? (Because I certainly was)DSC_0461Gorgeous view at Central Park.. look how huge it is..!DSC_0468DSC_0472DSC_0489DSC_0560The Empire State Building is amazing..IMG_4441Now..  a few crappier photos of me with the Empire State Building… haha! Had to take these with my phone, because my camera didn’t work well in the dark.IMG_4456Bloody amazing night, that was!IMG_4458Love you, New York!


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