NEW YORK | Day 14 Part 1 | Vintage Shopping and Botanic Garden


Dunkin Donuts is BIIIIG in New York, but still somehow, I managed to avoid it up until this iced tea you see above. Sadly, I never went back either.. At some point I really couldn’t take any more sweets or other bad food and yeah.. Dunkin Donuts is simply lots of sweets. This iced tea wasn’t the best thing ever either so I guess I don’t have the best experience of DD. When I go back to America I really want to try their iced latte’s, because I never did and they seem to be really good. IMG_4316This donut is not actually from Dunkin Donuts. This was from a place called Dough. It was the best donut I’ve ever tasted. WOW. SO. BLOODY. AMAZING. Seriously.. I don’t even really like donuts, because I think they’re way too greasy, but this one tasted sooooo good. I definitely recommend to go there if you’re ever in Brooklyn!IMG_4317 IMG_4318This was one of the vintage shops I went to. Amazing! I don’t think I bought anything here, but I did buy a denim vest in another store. Vintage shops in Brooklyn are amazing and I wish I’d had more time to go and see more of them. Oh well.. all the more reason to go back there.IMG_4325 IMG_4326 IMG_4324 IMG_4341After shopping I went to a different part of Brooklyn. The Botanic Garden in Prospect Park. It was free and I really liked it! It was a further travel than I had expected though.. because there wasn’t a really good connection from the point where I was and it took me quite long.IMG_4362 IMG_4364I don’t know if you can see, but I was absolutely exhausted in this picture. I was so tired from walking and traveling all day and there wasn’t a good place to really chill for a while. I sat down on the grass at some point, to read a bit, but then this lady came up to me and said I wasn’t allowed to sit on the grass.. so yeah that really sucked and I had to keep walking. The botanic garden was also bigger than expected and it took me quite a while to get out of it and back to the subway station.IMG_4367 IMG_4368 IMG_4369 IMG_4371As you can see they did have some beautiful flowers! It was a very nice place to be and there was so much more to see.. but it wasn’t a good time to go for me, because I was already so tired and needed to get back to the apartment on time. Curious what I did that evening? Wait to read my next post, which will be up in 4 days.. stay tuned!


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