NEW YORK | Day 13 Part 2 | Pretty Lights and a Movie in Bryant Park

DSC_0350That evening we walked a bit through Manhattan and around Times Square. This might be my favorite photo of the whole trip. Just me in a classic New York sight: tall buildings, big screens and yellow cabs. I LOVE IT. I was so happy there.DSC_0342You either love it or hate it, but I loved the constant rush of the city. DSC_0345See the evening sunlight catch on the tallest building. So beautiful.DSC_0362Absolutely adore this photo. Next time I visit NY I will definitely take someone with me so I can really shoot some outfit pics.. I would love that. I remember that I was so happy this day, because I could finally get some photos taken of me in the NY streets.DSC_0370I have a thing for blurry lights, and oh there were plenty at night in NY. More in upcoming posts.DSC_0376Beautiful view at Bryant Park and the Empire State Building. I loved that about New York.. it’s always busy and crowded. It’s always alive.. it doesn’t sleep. DSC_0384DSC_0397So that night we went to go see a movie in Bryant Park. Such good vibes. I think it’s wonderful how many people can sit outside and just watch a movie for free, how lovely is that? IMG_4280This one is also one of my favorite photos.. I think I’ve posted it on Instagram too. What a beautiful place..IMG_4283So many people!!! Everyone just brought their own food and beer and it was so lovely.IMG_4285The movie they played was The Karate Kid. The old version. Pretty cool! This is definitely one of my favorite memories of my time in NY.. watching a movie outside in the dark in the middle of all those tall buildings.. amazing.DSC_0403

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