NEW YORK | Day 13 Part 1 | Manhattan & The Ferry


IMG_4227Hello lovely people that read my blog. First, thanks for sticking with me even though I’ve not been very active lately. And YES, 6 months later I am still writing about my New York trip and I love it. I really want to start doing outfit photos again soon, but until that time I will finish up writing about NY. Only 5 more posts after this one.. IMG_4226Took a photo of this street sign, because it said “middagh st” which is sort of Dutch, because “middag” means afternoon in Dutch. Just thought that was funny to see! DSC_0180Went to the Brooklyn Bridge again that day, but this time we actually crossed it and walked all the way to Manhattan. I was with some lovely people that day.. I think this was one of my favorite days in NY and writing about it makes me miss it so so so much.DSC_0186Finally someone could take a nice outfit photo of me! Yay! I was wearing a top from American Apparel, shorts made by my mom, my new necklace from Topshop and as always my Vans. I’m also very proud of how tanned my legs are here. (they’re not like that anymore, sadly)DSC_0189Love this photo so much. It kind of makes me want to dye my hair again.. I was so blonde!

IMG_4300DSC_0212 DSC_0213Squirrel!!!! Can you tell I brought my camera that day? I think there’s a huge difference in quality and I love how detailed this photo is and the fact that the squirrel is very stereotypically eating a nut. Hilarious. I am sort of proud of this photo. Especially because in The Netherlands you can’t really get this close to squirrels, but in NY they pretty much approach you for food. So cool I think!DSC_0221Chinatown!! I have to be honest, my memories of this place are not so great. We had lunch there and I had something absolutely disgusting. I really love fish and anything sea related but this LITERALLY tasted like just the sea. GROSS! I think I had two bites and then begged my friend if I could have a few bites of her food lol!IMG_4231I bought a dragon fruit, just because I thought they looked interesting, but it actually tasted like nothing. It’s white with black seeds on the inside, tastes fresh but very watery.. not sweet or sour or anything. DSC_0262Nothing beats the evening sun…DSC_0271 DSC_0276 DSC_0308On the ferry with GemmaDSC_0322 DSC_0290The Statue of Liberty! It was definitely smaller than I expected. I’ve decided to split this day up in two posts, because I did so much and took so many photos that day, it would be too much for one post, but they’re totally worth sharing..

So yeah.. To be continued!


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