Lately on Instagram

jindidays on insta

Hi everyone! I thought it would be nice to monthly share my Instagram life with you. So here’s my first “Lately on Instagram” when I post my four best Insta pictures of the past few weeks.

1. Finally some sun in my room and I thought it was so beautiful how the shadow of the flowers showed on my wall so I took a picture of it. I also think my little plant is just so cute!
2. My cute watering can and my lantern. This was a cosy afternoon inside doing homework. (How boring) Although, moments like that can be so enjoyable and be the happiest of moments.
3. Selfie time! There’s not much more to say about this picture! Except, I have my hair dark now! I don’t think I’ve shared that on my blog so far.. but I have it dark brown for a few months now and I LOVE IT!
4. Fresh breakfast. I roasted my own muesli in the oven, which made it all crunchy. SO good. Literally the best thing ever and I had blue berries with it. Lovely!

Let me know what you guys think of this post!! And follow me on Instagram if you like!


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