NEW YORK | Day 12 | Fifth Avenue


IMG_4109On day 12 I decided to walk Fifth Avenue and obviously do some shopping!IMG_4114Decided to take a different train from Brooklyn that day and I got to see some new places I hadn’t been before :)IMG_4119Lovely Manhattan.IMG_4135So it was quite scary to actually go inside these stores because the people who work there pretty much stare you down until you run away crying. Haha, no I’m just kidding, it was not that bad, but they sure as hell kept an eye on you at all times. Not so strange if you think of the expensive stuff they have to keep safe.IMG_4137 IMG_4139I even managed to take a quick selfie in the Chanel store.IMG_4149 IMG_4152 IMG_4154 IMG_4155This chocolate shop was called Godiva. OH, MY, GOODNESS. Those chocolates <3 They look so delicious and I’m sure they are. Unfortunately everything was so expensive that I could only afford a “Trufflelata”.IMG_4157This tasted so bloody amazing. It’s like a cold hot chocolate, but even better. It just tastes of pure chocolate. AH MA ZING.IMG_4180 IMG_4186I really enjoyed shopping in Sephora. The people are soooo nice and always willing to help. IMG_4190 IMG_4192Of course, a little appreciation for Chipotle. If there’s anything I miss about the food in America it’s the burritos. People in Holland who haven’t ever had a decent burrito don’t even KNOW what it’s like, because we have no good Mexican food here. Such a shame!!! I LOVE burritos, they’re seriously my favorite food ever and the first thing I’ll eat when I go back to America. (Which hopefully will be soon, but yeah you know you need money for that and all… )IMG_4202God, I love New York. I miss it sooo so so much.IMG_4206I literally stayed in the city the whole day until night, because the shops were open until about 9 or 10 pm. One of my favorite shops that I’ve discovered there is Anthropologie. They have some amazing things there. It’s not just clothing, but all kinds of stuff like for you home and books like you can see here. Very expensive though. I didn’t buy anything there, but I’d love to go back when I’m rich!! (lol, assuming that I’ll ever be)



  1. Godiva is AMAZING! They’re truffles are literally what i grew up on. And Anthro is my favorite store! It really is perfect and so well merchandised, but absolutely over priced. Loved this!

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