NEW YORK | Day 11 | Brooklyn & Times Square at night


Day 11: I went to “Smorgasburg”, the Brooklyn food flea market, with some of my roommates from the apartment. It was sooo cool, they had the most amazing foods from all over the world and I had an amazing ice cream sandwich, but unfortunately didn’t take any pics of it.IMG_3954Lovely view at Manhattan IMG_3956 IMG_3958With Marina :)IMG_3968In the evening I went to Prospect Park with Pierre, because there was some kind of music thing going on which I thought might be fun. Can’t really remember what it was called..IMG_3973We only ended up staying there for I think about half an hour or something and then decided to go do something a little more exciting.IMG_4024IMG_4012We went to Times Square and Oh my god it was so much more amazing at night than the time I’d seen it during the day. WOW. Quite overwhelming. Soooo many lights and so many people.IMG_4037 IMG_4058 IMG_4072New York at night is bloody amazing. There’s nothing like it.IMG_4073We walked all the way over to the Empire State Building. So beautiful.IMG_4080 IMG_4083Victoria’s Secret! <3 This store was so amazing. It was already closed at this point, but I went back later of course.

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