NEW YORK | Day 10 | Central Park & MoMA


IMG_3853On day 10 I went on a bike ride through Central Park. My cousin was the tour guide so that’s how I knew about the bike tours. It was such a nice way to experience Central Park, because you get to see a lot of it and it’s also quite a work out. Which is something you need when you’re in America for more than a week.

IMG_3862My cousin Mijke :) Thanks for welcoming me to NY the first two days and letting me join the bike tour, I loved it!IMG_3869 AfbeeldingFelt my Dutch roots coming back a little when riding a bike. At home I go everywhere by bike. At this point I really missed riding a bike and really enjoyed it!

IMG_3876IMG_3895This was bloody amazing. Can someone please explain to me why we don’t have any of these in The Netherlands?IMG_3899IMG_3904This is where Blair and Chuck got married!!! (heart eyes)

IMG_3916LOOK AT ALL THIS FOOD. So good omg. I had the chicken pesto one and ate it for lunch and dinner lol.

IMG_3917Oh yeah and then the sweets…. Crazy

IMG_3934So after the bike tour though Central Park I went to pay a visit to the MoMA museum. It was very nice, but I was really tired so I didn’t stay very long. Although, I think I was in there for two hours or something. It was so big though, there was no way I could see everything.



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