Zoeva Make Up Brushes


The Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set. I am in love. I’ve talked about these in my favourites video, but here’s a more detailed post about them. I’ve waited for these for ages, but the set was quite expensive. I can tell you they are totally worth the money though. Before these I didn’t have any good make up brushes. I just had one really cheap and simple one for everything. These brushes made a HUGE change for me. They work so well and they really make such a difference in your make up. I will describe them one by one.DSC_5229 DSC_5211 DSC_5217This one is for powder, nothing else to explain about it really except that it works lovely.DSC_5218This one I use to apply my foundation and this definitely made the biggest change for me. Compared to this I pretty much wiped away my foundation with my old brush instead of applying it. This brush really is amazing and a must have.DSC_5219I have not used this one yet. It’s for shaping and that is something I don’t do every day if ever, but I am gonna try it out in the future.DSC_5223This one is just as lovely as the foundation brush. Applies concealer really well and even works when you just use a bit of foundation as concealer.DSC_5220This one is realllllly lovely. It’s slightly angled which makes it really easy to apply bronzer and blush. I use it for both and it really makes a difference compared to my old brush.DSC_5224I’ve just used this one for eyeshadow. I don’t exactly know what the actual purpose of this brush is, but it also works quite well for blending.DSC_5221This brush is nice for applying eyeshadow in the crease or the outer corner of your eye.DSC_5222I have not yet used this to do any real eyeliner, but I have used it to line my eyes a little with dark eyeshadow and it’s also a good brush for filling in your eyebrows.

DSC_5213 DSC_5216I am so happy with these brushes and I definitely recommend them if you’re willing to spend some money on make up brushes. They really make a difference and I enjoy using them SO much. They are sooo soft and obviously look very pretty too.

If you want to know more about these, ask me in the comments!


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