NEW YORK | DAY 7 | Coney Island


Okay, so I’m continuing with my NY posts again, because it’s still really fun to think back to and to write about. Also, the photos are all well worthy of being posted on my blog so here we go! On my seventh day I went to the Coney Island beach. Very, very different from beaches I know and beaches in Holland.  Everything there was so typically American! It was quite fun to see. It’s weird how easily you get used to doing things on your own.. Normally I’d never go to the beach all by myself, I’d be so bored, but when I was there I did a lot on my own and it felt quite natural. I really enjoyed being able to just do whatever I wanted, when I wanted. This was probably my laziest day so far.. but I was also just really tired at the time and still a bit jet-lagged I think.

IMG_3755Look at these! They look so cool and delicious oh my.. I think they’re toffee apples or something? I’m not exactly sure and I didn’t eat any, but they look so awesome. I remember trying to eat slightly healthier at that time and not buying any sweets, because after one week of American food I started feeling pretty bad about myself.IMG_3756 IMG_3757The whole vibe of Coney Island is a bit creepy. I wouldn’t want to be there at night. Everything is so old and looks abandoned. There’s definitely something to it though and it reminds me of some old movies.IMG_3761That night I actually went to a really cool bar in Brooklyn for the first time. Unfortunately I don’t have any decent pictures of it, but it was so nice! I wasn’t really allowed in to any bar since I was only 20 at the time, but it was quite early in the evening and luckily I got in. One of the girls in my apartment took us there. They organized this thing where you could just sit in the bar and draw a model. There were some art students and other people just giving it a try. That was definitely one of the coolest things I’ve ever witnessed.. The music was nice, the people were cool and yeah, just good vibes. After that we had THE MOST AMAZING pizza I have ever eaten in my entire life. Holy freaking hell, that was delicious. It was a HUGE slice of just pure heaven. My mouth still waters just thinking of it now.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Please let me know in the comments or on my Facebook page!


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