Birthday Make Up Look

Schermafbeelding 2014-12-02 om 16.12.04I made another YouTube video! Woop woop! I LOVE making videos, but it’s quite hard without any decent lighting in my room. It was so dark the day I filmed this that even my auto focus wouldn’t work. So yeah as a result half of my video isn’t in focus, which sucks. I wanted to make a tutorial with voice over and everything, but that doesn’t really work when you can see what I’m doing clearly. I didn’t want to throw away the whole thing, because I’d put so much effort in, so I decided to edit it anyway. I think it turned out okay and it’s only still one of my very first videos, so what can you expect? I’m trying to get better at it and I’m sure I will, but not everything can be perfect. I have to tell myself that very often as I am quite a perfectionist.

In this video I’m doing a very simple and natural make up look which I used on my birthday. I turned 21 last tuesday. I’m using my lovely new Zoeva brushes that I got for my birthday from my mom. They are amazing and I will make another post about them!

Here is the video! Enjoy :)



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