Home inspiration in Paris


So two weeks ago I went on a trip to Paris with school to go and find some “living” inspiration. We went to the Maison et Object Furniture fair and it was so cool. I saw so many interesting designs and colours and it all made me very happy. These mint blue/green suitcases with rose golden details are just perfect. Anything rose gold immediately attracts my attention and I saw a lot of it at the exhibition.

IMG_5204I wish I could buy all of this for my own place, but I don’t have enough space for it! Again, some rose golden stuff. What I’ve also seen a lot is light colour wood combined with black. Also, a lot of use of text and words on furniture and accessories.

IMG_5208Inspiration from nature…

IMG_5216How awesome is this idea for storage! I love these little boxes for storage and they’re so cute. I’d love these on my wall! All of the things inside are on my wishlist too by the way. It’s all by “Bloomingville”. One of the cutest brands ever. I didn’t really know about this brand before, but I did recognize the style and it totally fits my taste. I want everything.

IMG_5224Including this table ware.. Pastel colours a literally my favourite thing ever. Especially for accessories and home stuff.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.. I might be posting more school related things soon, although I’m not sure yet if I will be posting them on this blog or on my other one.



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