NEW YORK | Day 6 | American Apparel and The High Line

IMG_3685A really good start of my morning… a chocolate macaron with chocolate ice in between. SO GOOD.

IMG_3689One of the very pretty tops I tried on in American Apparel, but didn’t buy. I did buy two other tops though, but you can check that out in my Shopping Haul video.

IMG_3698I am obsessed with these American Apparel bags. They’re so cute and I’ve seen them on Tumblr SO much. They just look so nice in photos I don’t know..

IMG_3699Lovely Chelsea. I went back to Chelsea later on in my NY vacation and I found out that I loved it there. It feels a bit like Brooklyn there.. a lot of creative, vintage, organic, hipstery things going on. Such good vibes. It’s a really nice neighbourhood.

IMG_3700As I just mentioned.. lots of organic stuff. This was one of the very cute shops.

IMG_3705Okay so I had always been super curious to try bubble tea… Well let me tell you. It was bloody disgusting. YUK. I literally had three sips of this and then threw it away.. the “bubbles” were so gross and maybe I just picked the wrong flavour too.. but I really hated it. Never having this again.

IMG_3712View from the High Line.

IMG_3718Cute flowers on the High Line

IMG_3731So this was The High Line. It’s an old subway line that is now transformed into a nice route to walk with lots of plants, flowers and trees. A very nice place.

IMG_3735When you get off the High Line at some point you’re really close to the water side and you get a really nice view at what I think is Hoboken (?)

I loved this day and I really enjoyed walking around Chelsea and discovering New York a bit more. I miss it so much as I’m writing this. It’s still so hard for me to get back to normal life and back to studying. I have zero motivation right now and I wish I could just go back to New York and enjoy life and be free and yeah… -rant-

Hope you enjoyed this post! xxx

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