NEW YORK | Day 5 | Times Square and Mexican Food


On my 5th day in NY I went to visit Times Square and did a little bit of shopping there. I have to say it is quite overwhelming! Everything is so big and there are sooooo many tourists.. it’s crazy. IMG_3627 IMG_3647Starbucks selfie at Times Square..IMG_3648Look at how tall these buildings are. It’s hard to even imagine that now that I’m back in Holland.. the buildings here are tiny.IMG_3630Got a little something from Sephora! If you’ve watched my New York Shopping Haul video you already know what it is.. but I will write a post about it later anyway!

IMG_3659View at the Empire State Building from Bryant Park. The parks in Manhattan are amazing.. they’re so cute and pretty.IMG_3665 IMG_3669View at the Chrysler Building.IMG_3673So at night I went to a super cute Cuban/Mexican place for dinner and a movie. I absolutely LOVED this place. The food was AMAZING……… just really.. best I’ve ever tasted.IMG_3960IMG_3675Burritos are now my favorite food. SO DELISH.IMG_3677After dinner they played a movie. Just outside on the building next to the restaurant. One of the best things I’ve ever experienced. Such a good vibe and the people I was surrounded with were just so cool and laid back. Goooood things.



    1. Ah thank you so much!! That is so sweet! I loved NY with all my heart and I want to go back sooo bad! There are many more blogs to come because I stayed there for two weeks :) I still have to write most of them but so good to hear that you like them! Thanks :)

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