NEW YORK | Day 4 | SoHo and Washington Square Park


On my fourth day in NYC I went to go shopping in SoHo.. although I didn’t really find all the shops I was looking for. It takes a bit of time and a lot of map-reading to get to know New York a little and understand how to find your way around, anyway, I did have a very lovely day.

IMG_3583Look at all the deliciousness! New York has soooo many cute bakeries with lots of amazing sweetness. Hard to not get fat around there if I’m honest!

IMG_3603The daily selfie, in Washington Square Park this time!

IMG_3604I first started reading The Fault in Our Stars.. AMAZING book. I definitely recommend it for the ones that haven’t read it yet. The movie is also really great… They really followed the book well, which I think is the best, because as a reader that’s all you really want, isn’t it?

IMG_3599Washington Square Park must have been one of my favorite places in New York, I returned there a LOT, which you will see in upcoming posts and I actually almost cried saying goodbye to it on my last day. The feeling you get when you’re there is just pretty amazing.. I felt completely free, safe and happy and just comfortable sitting there on my own, reading a book. This is something that I would never do in my hometown. I guess I just don’t have that free and safe feeling as much here, which sucks, because it’s amazing. There is also a lot of music in the park, like GOOD music. It’s just really enlightening to be around creative people I think and there’s nothing weird about just being alone. Good vibes.

IMG_3612On my way from the park to the subway station.. The streets in NY are beautiful.

IMG_3620My purchases that day! All from Forever 21! Sunglasses, a sleeve for my sunglasses and a really cute pink top :)


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