NEW YORK | Day 1 and 2: Flying Alone and Yankees Game


This was me in the car on the way to the airport. I was not even really nervous.. just excited! If you hadn’t noticed. ;) It was the first time I was flying alone and I had also never been on such a long flight. After a few hours I found myself quite bored so I decided it was time for a movie. I watched The Wolf of Wall Street.. a nice and long movie. I had already seen it once, but who says no to enjoying the view of Leonardo DiCaprio for three hours?!

IMG_3406View on Long Island from the plane. This is when I first understood why it was called “Long” Island.

IMG_3415This was my view when I first got out of the subway, on my way to my cousin. Immediately a perfect view on the Empire State Building! (Even though I didn’t realize that back then, shame on me) I mean it looked like a familiar building to me, but I just hadn’t really done my touristic research on NY yet.

Day 2

IMG_3433There’s not much more to tell about the first day, because I arrived at 6 pm, but for me it already felt like 6 hours later because of the time difference, so you can guess how tired I was. I spent the first two days at my cousins house and the second day we went to a Yankees game!

IMG_3436I’d never been to a baseball game before, but it’s the most American thing I’ve ever seen. Everyone was wearing Yankees clothes and hats and they all had huge buckets with fried chicken and hot dogs and fries and wow it was so cool to see. Such a different culture than Europe.. haha! It was so funny. During the game there was constantly music and videos on the big screen about the players or telling the crowd to make noise and stuff like that. It really was an entertaining show and not just a sports game. The game itself was pretty boring to be honest.

IMG_3442The selfie of the day. I was still pretty tired and jetlagged at this point and maybe even a little sunburnt from the game.

IMG_3452Healthy vegan dinner at my cousin’s. She cooked so lovely, I really enjoyed my meals there so much! This was one of the very few healthy meals I’ve eaten in America. It’s pretty hard to be healthy there with all the sweets and other fastfood around. Now that I’m back I find it difficult to get back to my healthy habits again, I’ve gotten so used to cupcakes, cheese cakes, iced coffees, chai lattes, pizzas and burritos all the time! I really think Holland needs more Mexican food by the way, we’re really missing out on that here!

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Another NY post will be up next tuesday, so stay tuned! :)

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