My view, blogging and preparing for New York

DSC_0056DSC_0044One of my favorite things to do in my summer break is probably being on Tumblr. I find it so relaxing and inspiring and I can seriously spend hours on Tumblr. Tumblr is where I first started blogging and that’s what I want to talk about today, blogging. I have to say that it is quite hard to keep up a blog when you also go to school full time and have to do homework when you get back home. I wish I could do blogging full time, but right now that is just not a possibility for me and sometimes it makes me sad. I wish I could be more active, more productive and more up to date with my blog. I want my blog to grow and I want people to like my photos and the things I write about. Sometimes, (I think it’s something that more “creative” people struggle with), it feels like you get absolutely zero appreciation for what you’re doing and you ask yourself, why the hell I am even doing this? Well, that’s when I have to tell myself over and over again that I do it because I like it and not for someone else to like it. You should always do things from that perspective I think and remember that it is most important that you are enjoying what you do, rather than to do it only to entertain other people.

DSC_0046My biggest fashion inspiration… Tumblr. Want to check out my Tumblr fashion blog? Click here.

DSC_0069This is the view from my room in Breda. I love it here and I’m so happy to live here. It’s a great location and my room is quite big and I have a lovely roommate! Staring out of my window at night makes me dream about New York and what it will be like there… I’m leaving so soon already and I still find it unreal that I’m actually going. I have started to plan a few things and for instance how I’m going to travel from the airport to my cousin in Manhattan and from there to my AirBnB home in Brooklyn. I’m so excited to be blogging from New York for two weeks and I can’t wait to take beautiful photos there and write about my experience. It’s the first time I’m traveling somewhere all by myself so to be honest I am a little terrified, but also really excited and I can’t wait for this adventure to begin!

So that’s it, a short little blog post for today, hope you guys enjoyed it!


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