Monthly Favorites: June


Inspired by all of the Youtubers I’ve been following lately I’ve decided to (try to) do a monthly favorites post! Also I want to apologize for my lack of posts, but the good news is that I’ve finished my first year of college! YAYYYYY, partaaaay! I’m really happy that I finally have some free time and in 1,5 week I’ll be leaving for New York! (So excited!) Obviously, it’s already mid July so I could call these my June and July favorites, but who knows, maybe I’ll do another favorites post at the end of this month!

DSC_0017 First one is this new bathing suit that I bought from River Island! I NEVER thought that I’d dare to wear high waisted bikini bottoms but hear I am! This bikini was really everything that I was looking for and it’s perfect. I kind of tried it on for fun because I totally didn’t expect that it would look good on me, but I was amazed at how well it fitted and it just looked so cute! The top also looks really cool under a low cut out sides shirt (does that have a name?) And I’m loving this tropical palm tree print!

DSC_0025DSC_0024DSC_0023Second is this little purse from Monki! I’ve been looking for something like this for quite a long time and when I saw this I immediately new I needed it. The cat print is just super cute and quite a lot fits in it, love love!

DSC_0041Next, my new creepers from Primark! I’ve already used them in one of my outfits, but I thought they deserved a little bit of recognition! Very happy with these, since they look almost exactly like the real creepers from Underground, the ones that I originally wanted, but they don’t sell them in my country so it would get pretty expensive with shipping and stuff. I got these for only 15(!!!) euros at Primark. Love them.

DSC_0028Last, I’ve been loving this bronzer from Essence! I don’t talk about beauty related things often, but I do really like it so I might start doing that more. Although the summer is not really all that noticeable here I did manage to get a little tan! This bronzer is perfect for powdering your face when you have a bit of a tan, but also when you don’t have one and you want to look just a little more tanned. Make sure you don’t  use too much though, because you don’t want to look like a carrot.

Bathing suit – River Island
Purse – Monki
Creepers – Primark
Bronzer – Essence

Let me know what you guys think of my June favorites and also if you would like me to do more posts like this! I would like to do more beauty related posts so also let me know if you’d be interested in reading that!

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