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Finally! I’m back. I am so happy with this outfit, I feel like my photos get better every time and so do my outfits. This outfit is almost all new! I am completely in love with this cropped top from Monki.. isn’t that print the cutest ever? Also, black creepers have been on my wish list for quite a while now, but I was really hesitating about buying the real ones from Underground, because they are so expensive and I have to buy them online.. that kind of made me nervous, so I decided to buy fake ones from Primark. They were only 15 euros, which is crazyyyy cheap! I actually think they look a lot like the real ones! So happy with them. The high jeans are also new, from Forever 21.

The reason I’m relieved is because school has been super stressful lately and it still is, but I got great news today. I passed my latest exams and I was able to reschedule my assessment, so that I can go to Rock Werchter festival. I bought tickets for that festival months ago, because I refused to not go because of school. But thank GOD, now I know I can really go and I don’t have to sell my tickets. I can breathe again!

Cropped Top – Monki
High Waist Jeans – Forever 21
Creepers – Primark
Hat – Pieces
Sunglasses – Sacha

What do you think of my outfit? Let me now in the comments! If you enjoy my blog, please like my Facebook page here!


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