Cooking With…..

DSC_0079 DSC_0082I recently got this little notebook from Paperchase. I couldn’t resist. I love the minimalistic look of the carbon and then the cute black and white print on the edges. SO AWESOME. I’m in love. BUT… what to do with it? Well, now that I’ve gotten used to the idea that I’m going to move out and will be living on my own, I thought wouldn’t it be nice to write down all of my moms and my own recipes! I love cooking and baking and I want to continue eating healthy and delicious when I’m on my own.

DSC_0084So now it’s a cookbook! Yay! I wrote it on the cover so now I HAVE to write all the recipes down. I’m really excited about this and I intend on making a really personal and well styled little book of it.DSC_0088 DSC_0089 DSC_0090I’m totally obsessed with the print..DSC_0092Curious what recipes will be in here? Maybe I will make a food/cooking post at some point where I will show one of the recipes.

If you have any delicious recipes that should be in here, please tell me and comment on this post!


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