Moving out… and saying goodbye to my old room..

DSC_0010I decided to take some last pictures of my old room. Yes. I’m moving out….. I’m happy about it, but sad at the same time. Me and my mom have to leave our apartment and this was the best solution. I’m happy though too, because I got a room at a lovely place in the best street in my city. I’m excited to move in there and design the whole place, but I’m also scared to death to be living on my own and have to completely take care of myself.. I guess I’ll just have faith that everything will be okay.

DSC_0014It’s hard to say goodbye to my old room, because I just lived here for a year and a half and I really loved this place..

DSC_0011It’s where I first started blogging and really making an effort for my blog. I just hope I can still continue doing this, but it might be a little quiet on my blog the next few weeks, because moving takes up a lot of time. I will try keeping it updated though.

DSC_0017DSC_0022DSC_0020Last one of my wardrobe in my old room. New pictures from my new room soon to come!



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