I had promised myself last month to not buy ANY clothes for the whole month, because I was just spending too much and really didn’t have any money left. But I allowed myself this: shopping at Primark.  Last week I went to a show of one of my favorite bands but I had some time left before so I gave Primark a little visit. Last time I was there I thought it was absolutely horrible, way too crowded and messy, but this time I actually enjoyed myself! It was an hour before they would close so it was pretty quiet and I had the whole store almost to myself, so I could just look around and take my time. It was really nice. I got all this, (and a hair brush) for only 15 euros! Crazy! I also tried on a onesie, but didn’t buy it. Had a lot of fun though!

DSC_0075Sleeveless shirt with print! Great for summer festivals to wear with high shorts or maybe a maxi skirt.

DSC_0077These cute and fluffy leopard slippers. They are soooo comfy and cute omg. Love.

DSC_0069Two lace cropped tops, black and pale pinkDSC_0065Somehow I can never get enough of this colour, it’s just so sweet and feminine!DSC_0067DSC_0071Little pink  make-up bag. I already have a few make-up bags but I just couldn’t resist the cuteness.

DSC_0057These rings and earrings aren’t from Primark, but I recently bought them at H&M.  In love with gold.

So that were all my latest purchases! Tell me what you think in the comments below! What are your favorite items?

xxx Jindi


  1. Oooh myy, I want these jewerly !
    These products seems to be so beautiful, can’t wait so see you wearing them :)

    By the way, how would you feel about.. What if I say.. “Following each other” ?
    I know it seems stupid, but I’m a new blogger, I like your blog, and well.. You know what ? Just take a look at my blog, follow me on bloglovin’ (GFC doesn’t work for a strange reason :( ) if you like, let me know so I can follow back !

    Hope you had a gread day, kisses from Paris,

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