New Hair 2.0 and New Outfit

So it’s actually been a while since I’ve had my hair dyed, BUT, I haven’t showed you guys what it eventually turned out like just yet. I did make a post about my new hair, but then after a week or so I decided that I wasn’t happy about it and that it wasn’t really what I’d had in mind. So I went back to the hair dressers and got my dyed again! This time I really got what I want and I’m super happy with it! I love being a brunette! (Sort of, because I also have ombre which means I’m still half blonde)

DSC_0221 Finally, after years of wanting dark hair I have it! I does look really blond on these photos, but in reality it is darker brown. And I’m so happy with the ombre effect, love it!



DSC_0224 Okay so my outfit is basically all dark grey/ black. But you know what they say, “Black is the new black”. I couldn’t agree more. I love wearing all black or dark outfits, especially in the winter. It’s just comfy and it always looks good.

DSC_0223Here you can really see the colour of my hair and the colour difference!

DSC_0226I’m wearing a leopard print cardigan and aztec print leggings. I wore this the first day of Christmas. It was such a comfy outfit, but still stylish and pretty.

Cardigan/Sweater – Pieces

Leggings – New Look

Boots – Sacha



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