Birthday Gifts :)

Yesterday I turned 20 and here are some of the lovely gifts I got. Most of them from my mom and a few from my best friend. Isn’t it funny how they all match in colour? They know me so well haha :) A more detailed post will be up later :)

DSC_0057 A purse, cute leopard gloves, candles, nail polish and jewelry. All a girl needs.

DSC_0059 How pretty is this bracelet! I got it from my best friend. So sweet <3

DSC_0060 Skull ring, got this from my mom but on request haha, she doesn’t really like skulls that much herself.

DSC_0061 I actually got this knuckle ring for myself at Topshop in Amsterdam. I love it, but it’s a bit difficult to wear because it sticks to everything. Anyway, it’s still gorgeous.



And these two cute little nail polishes. Perfect for the holidays, I love glitter.

Let me know what you think in the comments! :)



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