YIRGA: Urban Espressobar and Natural Kitchen


What is it?
Found out about this on Facebook and I thought I should go take a look, because it’s something new in my city! “YIRGA”, and urban espressobar and natural kitchen. The location of the restaurant was in a small street in the city centre. You wouldn’t notice it at first but then I saw a few people sitting outside the restaurant on a bench, eating something that looked quite delicious! So I went inside and the whole look of the restaurant was just so nice. It looked like a really big kitchen with lots of different chairs and tables and one big table in the middle. Just like a living room.


Why is it cool?
You can have a ‘slow coffee’ at this espressobar. Slow coffee is coffee made with coffee beans that are burnt at a low temperature, by heating the coffee slowly the beans get less caramelized and that is why the coffee tastes more fresh. You have to wait a little longer but in the end you get a better cup of coffee. Quality over quantity! Also, all the food is organic and it sure looks delicious. Another thing they do, that’s why they have an open kitchen, is cooking workshops! On the Facebook page you can see some pictures of their first workshop.


Why does it have future growth potential?
It’s modern and new. People are getting more and more interested in organic, natural products and this is one of those restaurants that makes paying just a little more for natural food really attractive. It’s different to all the other restaurants and bars that are already there. It has new refreshing products and a very different interior design. The atmosphere is great, it’s like you’re in a living room/kitchen, it feels cosy and comfy, like home. I think people appreciate those things, it makes you want to go there more often. I certainly am going back there to try some of their lovely lunch meals and maybe to do a cooking workshop!




Like it? Go check out their Facebook page!

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