I take every chance I can get to go to Starbucks. It’s not only delicious but the whole experience of it just makes me feel completely happy and fulfilled. To get a look at all the beautiful cakes and brownies and pies. Makes me wanna try every single one of them. Unfortunately it’s pretty expensive so I can’t really afford to do this too often. Anyways, I was at the Rotterdam Central Station last week and had to wait 20 minutes for my train. Finally had enough time to get Starbucks. It was pretty cold outside so I chose a Caramel Hot Chocolate. (YUM) And bought two brownies to bring home to my mom. A normal chocolate one and a caramel one. And yes, I can tell you, it all tastes REALLY good. I think it’s definitely worth the money.

DSC_0092 Le brownies.


DSC_0094 Aren’t they delicious-looking?

DSC_0101  The guy who worked there actually bothered to write my name right! That’s the first time, I usually get “Cindy” or “Njiendi” or something like that.

DSC_0103  This is also pretty cool. I got this card and every time I buy a drink I get one stamp, and when it’s full I get a free drink! Yay!

DSC_0105The very nice guy even gave me two stamps. How sweet.



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