Frozz: Fresh frozen yoghurt, it’s healthy, low calorie and local! I found out about this lovely low fat ice cream a while ago. Frozen Yoghurt was introduced here in The Netherlands in 2010 and it has grown more popular since. I had heard about frozen yoghurt or “fro-yo” before, because a lot of celebrities seemed to love it. In Hollywood staying thin is priority number 1 and since frozen yoghurt is so low on calories they are actually allowed to eat it! Of course it’s also delicious.

What is so cool about this ice cream you may ask? Well, aside from it being not as fat as normal ice cream, it’s also fresh made on a farm in the Netherlands and 100% natural.

How do I know this ice cream is so delicious? I live in Breda, which is one of the few lucky cities that have a Frozz. I personally love it!


My favorite toppings: white chocolate, strawberries and macadamia nuts.

If you choose for fruit or nuts as a topping this little treat is totally healthy and low fat!

Want to know more? Check out the site: Frozz

Or follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

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