Wish List

Soooo I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been so busy and just didn’t have the time :( But here are some things that I really want and I will probably buy some time soon.

A Céline Paris shirt, I’ve been coming across these for a while now on blogs and have also seen some celebs wear them, I just really like them so I want one. Probably gonna buy one on etsy.com! It’s so simple and pretty and easy to wear with high shorts or a black leather jacket or pretty much anything..




A shirt with the Starbucks logo! For one I really love Starbucks, but the shirt just looks so cool. I totally forgot that I’ve wanted one of those for ages but accidentally found one when I was looking for the Céline shirt on etsy.com.


Probably gonna get this one!

starbuck shirt outfit leopard loafers


I’ve had this photo saved on my computer for years, and probably reblogged it a million times on Tumblr. The whole outfit is just so perfect, but I do prefer a white shirt.

And I’ve decided that I want a new wallet :) I’ve already been looking for them and found a few cute ones but I can’t choose. It’s so hard!

3.3010_1 off-white-portemonnee_3.0073_1


These two are from Sasha, they’re both so cute! And I’ve seen a studded black one at Six. Also very pretty so I really don’t know which one to pick yet…

I’ve also wanted a new backpack for ages now.. and guess what I just found on the Sasha web shop..

AN AWESOME BACKPACK WITH A PERFECT PRINT OMG. AND…. It comes in different prints and colours and they’re all great. Aaah, more decisions..






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