Lush, fresh handmade cosmetics! I love it so much :) They have the cutest stuff and everything smells lovely. My boyfriend’s sister works at Lush so I’m very lucky to get some free products every once in a while :)

DSC_0001 Shower jellies: Sweetie Pie and Whoosh, two perfumes: Love and 1000 kisses, and a box full of perfume samples <3

DSC_0002 Vanillary, Orange Blossom, Imogen Rose and Tuca Tuca are my favourites.

DSC_0006 Vanillaaaaa, my favourite smell in the whole world. But I love the smell of roses too.

DSC_0007 This shower jelly with cherry and coconut smells super sweet, almost like candy. Love it!

DSC_0011 Shower jelly with lemon, lime and rosemary :)

DSC_0015 “Love” perfume, it’s very strong and smells like a lot of different soaps, as if you are in a Lush store. It’s very nice!

DSC_0025 This Turkish Delight ‘body polish’ is made with 20.000 rose petals and rose oil. It’s smells lovely and it’s very creamy. It’s also great in combination with this body conditioner.


My Lush collection!


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