Boo, The World’s Cutest Dog

You must have seen or heard about this little guy, because he’s not only cute, he is also become pretty famous! This pomeranian dog is famous for his cute haircut and outfits….., JUST OVERALL CUTENESS. He even has his own book and stuffed animals.

395115_10151298923843254_951126881_n 406227_10151052566393254_1299516869_n

LOOK AT HIM. goshhhh I want a dog like this….

Now what I wanted show everyone, I got two little “Boo” gifts from my boyfriend. One for my birthday and one for Valentines Day. So sweet!





The stuffed animal is almost as cute as the real Boo! Haha! Check out Boo’s website here and like him on Facebook!


  1. I think that boo ks cute but i must say that there are many dogs (pomeranian) that can look just like him.and to be honest i think my dog’s is cuter,if you want a proof i can send you pictures ;)

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