My Clothes

Just a little update on what’s in my closet. The photo of the clothing rack in the previous post was from a few months ago. Here’s a new picture with all the new clothes I bought since I live here. The clothes you see here are from ZARA, H&M, New Look, Forever 21, Bik Bok and Urban Outfitters. Those are my favourite stores where I shop most!



Green Flannel and sweater from Zara, glitter jacket and see through shirt from Forever 21, cardigans and lace shirt from H&M, spiked sweater from New Look.


Black sweater and blazer from H&M, grey sweater from Bik bok, leopard print dress and red top from H&M, red flannel from Gina Tricot, cardigans from H&M, Zara and Urban Outfitters


White cardigan and sweater from H&M, sweater from Bik Bok, Lace jacket, see through button up shirt and blazer from H&M, pink blouse, lace shirts and fur jacket from Forever 21 and denim jacket from Zara.


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