My New Room

So a few months ago I moved from a small town where I had lived all my life to the city, about an hour away. Me and my mom moved from a big house to a tiny apartment so we obviously had to get rid of a lot of stuff. It was a good thing to do, go through everything and decide whether it’s worth keeping or not. It was a great way to start over, start a whole new life. And that’s what we did. The best part of it all was setting up the place. I LOVED choosing some new furniture and the fact that I could put everything exactly the way that I wanted it. So now I love our apartment and I think it’s absolutely perfect, I’m very proud. Also my own room is more than perfect. I knew what I wanted and it pretty much turned out great. Let me show you my new room!


Clothes rack from Ikea, the shelf for the shoes doesn’t come with it, I bought that separately. My clothes are very important to me so that’s why I wanted a clothes rack! So I can look at them and they really are a part of my room.


Tea box to organize my jewelry, little basket, warm cosy blankets to put on my bed when it’s cold in the winter


I love my huge mirror (: I’ve had that bookcase for a very long time, it was red first but I painted it pink. girly girly girly!


Cute lights above my bed! love!


Love my sheets with the alphabet print, they’re from Ikea and so are the pillows. They kind of remind me of city lights.. that’s why I bought them haha. And my sweet MacBook Pro. (my baby)


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