It’s sale time! And that means I had to buy stuff from stores that usually are way too expensive for me. SO, I bought some really lovely things from Zara.. a denim jacket (exactly the one I had been looking for), a shirt with a cute print and a flannel. Those 3 items for only €47 total! CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP! Pics coming up soon! (:


Funny thing was that the girl was wearing the two things I bought together!

Then, from the Urban Outfitters online store I bought a really pretty sleeveless skull shirt and a cardigan, both only €12,00! Image





ANDDD… from my absolute favourite online store…… I bought two super awesome high waisted shorts! A khaki one with some studs and a denim one (which actually wasn’t even in the sale but oh well) And a beanie for only €6,00! so cute!


I’m still waiting for those last three to arrive! SO EXCITED. They should be here some time next week (:



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